Morning on a quiet, calm clear lake. Its surface, like glass without a ripple. STILL

I go to the shale-lined shore, look out across nature’s mirror, and briefly pause to take in a brief breath of refreshing early morning air. STAND

My gaze quickly shifts to the many tempting small, flat and smooth stones at my feet. Without hesitation I bend over with searching eyes to pick up just the right “skipping stone.” BEND

Placing the stone just right, between my forefinger and thumb, I forcefully fling it parallel to the lake’s surface. The stone swiftly skips frenetically across the unbroken surface, creating numerous splashes and spreading ripples until, finally losing its energy, it silently sinks beneath the surface out of sight… GONE

With little hesitation I obsessively search for another smooth stone and fling it out harder, faster, in hopes of it skipping further. But it too has the same end. BUSY

Is the one skipping the stones me? Am I the skipping stone? REFOCUS

Perhaps better, in the gift of the morning, would be for me to pause, lake-side, and breathe to take it all in. Just BE

Perhaps better, in the gift of the morning, would be to cease all skipping activity from that which so openly awaits beneath my feet. Don’t DO

Perhaps better, in the gift of the morning, is not to be thrust out into the day, with all kinds of spinning energy creating several splashes and numerous ripples, only to later silently sink away beneath the surface, at day’s end. The wind blows over it and it is gone, and its place remembers it no more. (Psalm 103:16)

Skipping stones last only as long as their forward energy prevails. So too, the one skipping stones, although improving skill, still can’t maintain endless repetition without rest. CEASE

What am I without, at the break of day? What are you? Skipping stones?

Be still, and know that I am God.
Psalm 46:10 NIV