Mission: To equip and engage a growing number of seasoned Christian ministry leaders for intentional mentoring relationships with less experienced persons in ministry, so they will be enabled to stay the course and finish well.

Ministry Need: Christian pastors and ministry leaders need to thrive in their ministry call, not just survive. No leader is meant to ride solo, although they often do. Pastors need someone they can trust who will ask them “How’s your soul?” and then listen without judgement. Mentoring is preventative care by nature, providing safe accountability, direction, prayerful support and encouragement to stay the course and finish well as led by God.

Mentoring Relationship: After defining and agreeing upon the relationship between mentor and mentee, regular monthly meetings (approx. 90 min.) are usually scheduled, and take place at mutually agreed upon locations or through the media. These confidential meetings are informal, with an agenda determined by the mentee. Topics range from ministry to marriage & family, from spiritual formation to care of the soul. Although a healthy mentoring process is a two way street, the mentor will see that any of the above areas that appear over time to be avoided by the mentee will be brought into the mix for purposes of supportive accountability and prayer.

Ministry of the Church to the Ministry Leader: Just as the Christian pastor is there for the church, so the church can be there for the pastor. But how? Who can care for the whole of a leader’s life; that of the spiritual, marital, emotional and physical together? Soul Care of the Pastor (mentoring) is the most direct. The mentor has a unique relational opportunity to walk with the ministry leader in ways that address these. Of course other ways of support can be through advocacy (meeting with boards), teaching (workshops) or preaching (supply), but mostly soul care (mentoring) is impactful.

Ric Ochsner