And Kingdom Principles That Apply

Every presidential primary year we manage to inflate and enflame differences until they become divisions; polarized into “sides”. Opinions, positions, ideologies and beliefs which naturally course through a healthy, thriving society, are unnaturally redirected. So channelled, we find ourselves without discourse, relegated to one side of the bank or the other; The Right or The Left.

Still, I have a voice and still desire healthy discourse and open dialogue, in an open society. Here, is where I am to thrive not just survive, as a disciple of Jesus Christ, whom I’ve followed for over fifty years. Still flawed as a Christian, I still follow.

So here are 10 ways my self and/or my side, “The Religious Right,” can become wrong:

The Right is Wrong when it:

  1. Focuses more on getting to rest in Heaven than getting to work in the vineyard.
  2. Minimizes the needs of the poor, oppressed, disenfranchised and the alien.
  3. Ignores care for the environment because of personal comforts and conveniences.
  4. Fixates on one single position or is single-issue-driven as litmus test for judgement.
    • Kingdom principle: Justice, love and mercy come in many forms.
      Micah 6:8
  5. Is inconsistent with its position across issues.
  6. Generalizes, oversimplifies or stereotypes people and issues from a safe distance.
    • Kingdom principle: Jesus associated and engaged with society’s outcasts.
      Matthew 9:10, 21:13
  7. Is influenced by commentary, sound bytes, rumor or gossip.
    • Kingdom principle: Be informed about content & context of a person’s words or actions by going to the source (person not press).
      Proverbs 26:22, Matthew 18:15-17
  8. Demonizes those “on the other side.”
  9. Allows itself to be used by a candidate or party for political gain.
  10. Places more hope in a candidate, office or administration than hope in Christ!
    • Kingdom principle: Our greatest faith and highest hope belong in Christ alone who has supremacy over all things, including ourselves.
      Colossians 1:15-18, 1 Timothy 6:17

*NOTE: This is not to imply “The Liberal Left” is therefore always right! Much sensitivity to the direction of the Holy Spirit, along with the counsel of the Holy Word is required for healthy discernment on both sides.