One day I will breathe in heaven’s air; pure, refreshingly cool, with sentient scent. Such air of endless supply will be ever-present, as will my Living Lord.

One day my lungs will expand, and I will fully inhale as if endlessly; unrestricted by once familiar wheezing cough and creeping fatigue. Each breath will be enough, with no panicked desire for more. He will be my Soul Sufficiency.

One day, each breath a gift; as wonderfully given to me as joyfully taken in by me. Each precious gift will be opened with gratitude for having received just what was needed; my Pneuma of Peace.

One day my resurrected body will live forever; unencumbered and liberated, perfected with Divine design by my Regalness of Resurrection.

Oh Breath of Heaven, with which I will one day be eternally acquainted, be not far from Death’s difficult door.

The Spirit of God has made me, the breath of the Almighty gives me life.
~ Job 33:4 NIV

* For those of us struggling with a chronic respiratory disease.


Photo by Vincenzo Di Giorgi on Unsplash