It’s time. As you are wrapping up your significant, life-time, season of ministry, you may find yourself surprised that what once was a future concept has now become a present reality!

At present there may be before you a fork in the road. Which way do you go? Do you go towards what is viewed as “retirement” (job well done) or do you go towards “the next assignment” (you are not done yet)? At this fork questions remain: 

    • Which way do I go? 
    • Is there something more for me?
    • What’s next?

If the answer for you is, “the next assignment,” how do you determine it? Further questions:

  • Is this about you or about Christ?
    • The answer should be “yes, both” (if it is solely about you, you first need a break!)
    • Are you honest about what you personally need or are you escaping something?
    • Are you aware of what and Who fills you?

Be cautious about finding more purpose for yourself than purpose with Christ.

  • Are you clear on who you are and Whose you are?
    • What do you “bring to the table” right now (in spite of self-perceived limitations)?
    • What has been developed in your character and your abilities which are to be engaged?
    • What role does God have in the above?

Be certain to prayerfully and intentionally take time to answer the above.

  • What are some of your biggest take aways for you from the season that you have been in, that can now become your give aways to others in your next?
    • Are there some major life-lessons important to you?
    • Are you vulnerable and humble enough to offer them?
    • Can others benefit from knowing them?

Be clear that you are not God’s greatest gift to the world. Only Christ is.

  • Up to this point, what has become your core passion? 
    • What is it that really drives or compels you with inner conviction of heart?
    • What is your “sweet spot” where doing seems effortless, time goes by without notice, and you feel like you are “in the zone”?
    • What do you absolutely enjoy, almost love, doing?

Be sure not to have “mission creep” in developing the next mission! Stick to your core.

  • Who are those accessible to you who can give you insight concerning your thoughts or ideas thus far?
    • Anyone who has been there? (Further down the road than you)
    • Anyone who is able to help you network with others in the greater Kingdom God?
    • Anyone to whom you are inwardly drawn? 

Be listening to the stirrings or prompting of the Holy Spirit within.

From where you now stand, what’s next?

And who knows whether you have not come
to the kingdom for such a time as this?

Esther 4:14b

Photo by Vladislav Babienko on Unsplash