Changing leaves Here in Maine, “Leaf Peepers” arrive from all around the country to view Nature’s palate of the changing leaves in New England. Indeed, when it is peak season the once uniform green leaves are transformed (metamorphosed) into colors of brilliant yellow, fiery orange, and blood red popping against clear and crisp blue sky. The glory of God’s Creation is then richly displayed on mountainous tapestry for all to come and see.

Changing Christians The same should be true for those of us known as Christians. Once uniform with all the rest, we become New Creations In Christ through the process of transforming hearts and minds, where our colors consequently pop, giving glory to God. Then it would not be our quaint New England churches with sentimental traditions, but eye-catching character colors that people would come to see!

Changing Seasons Many prefer the changing seasons of New England. By contrast, prolonged single seasons become boring, tedious and even oppressive, almost as if their climate is lacking life. The same can be said of those who merely call themselves Christians, yet noticeably lack transformed hearts and minds. Rather than colors that pop, they blend in with everyone else. They may momentarily flash, but in the end there is no transforming change.

Changing Lives Disciples of Jesus Christ have their lives ever in process of change; transformation on the inside by their Creator outside. They are God’s workmanship; at the hands of the Master Craftsman. No amount of personal perfection or pastoral persuasion will accomplish what God’s Spirit alone will work in each yielded Christian. Each individual leaf is not a completed work until it’s time; when cold winds and rain bring it lifeless to the ground at season’s end.

Until that day, will it be said about you and me, “Come and see the colors!”

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation:
the old has gone, the new is come!
2 Corinthians 5:17 NIV