Writing about a treasured place of peace and rest, an author of an excellent Advent devotional confessed: “There’s something that happens to me when I go to the beach. It’s a place where time seems to stop and I find myself in a puddle of serenity.” (Full – God’s Plan for Hope, Peace, Joy & Love by Ashley Collins).

I’m struck by the phrase “puddle of serenity.” I like it. You know that you have finally arrived at that long-sought after-location, when you automatically, if not instantly, melt into restful relaxation and breathing; unplugged.

Serenity can be found when intentionally sought after, whether at an isolated beach mid-Summer or at an insulated cabin mid-Winter. Each to his/her own. Each one of us is wonderfully and differently wired. One person’s get-away-to is another person’s stay-away-from. Still, wherever it may be, it really matters to finally be still.

Lingering longer on the phrase led to further thoughts and perhaps insights:

  • Children often seek out puddles in which to play, to delightfully lose themselves ~ impulsive & free from worries
  • Adults, though, are taught to avoid them (“stay clean”), keep walking (“don’t dawdle”), and stay focused (“don’t get distracted”) ~ rigid & restricted by worries
  • Should such a “puddle” be disturbed by splashing around? Is it only for serious, meditative stillness? Or, is it for both? ~ play & pray (Sabbath)
  • Is a “puddle” too small for us adults, when what we really need is a “pond”?!
  • Do we diminish the importance of our own “little puddle” or do we humbly acknowledge that we actually need to get there because it’s that important, and because we need to melt a little?

Sometimes peace is hard to come by. There can be too much cacophony and conflict around us, dulling our senses. There can be too much weight and weariness upon us to even make an effort to get to where we desperately need to be. So we give up trying to reach for the unreachable.

On the other hand, we can easily be more about the place waiting for us than the Person, who waits for us there. Consequently, we never really find what we’re looking for. After all, the peace, the serenity, is that which only He can give (a gift), and not anything that the World can offer. We must go there with Him, not there to find Him.

Where or what is your “puddle of serenity”? Will you make time to be there soon, child?

Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.
John 14:27 NIV 

Photo by Phil Hearing on Unsplash