What Do You Bring To the Table? I often ask this, but rarely is it quickly answered. When we inwardly question our own place or purpose in Life, this question becomes a good place to start. When we are beleaguered by self-doubt and other’s imposed perceptions of us, we do our best to engage the day while at the same time seriously disconnected from our own core. Perhaps you are familiar with this daily dilemma.

Knowing who you are is critical to standing strong in the day given you by God. In each day winds of change blow around, while former foundations shake below, and you are called upon to do your best with all that is before you? No problem? Really?

It takes effort to be strong and steady, especially when there are others around you expecting you to be so, not to mention all the while being clear of your direction in life!

A Three-legged Stool? Recently, it came to me that each one of us is designed like a 3-legged stool with three central components or “legs.” When all 3 legs are identified and rightly in place, there is stability and strength. Shorten or remove one leg and we easily weakened or fall. 

So, pull yourself up to the table, and bring your stool.

The Three-Legged Stool:

  1. PASSION – (Enjoyed Ability, Desired Call)
    • What abilities do you have in which you find pleasure using, that fill and not drain?
    • What do you desire to do or be, beyond that which is pragmatically practical?
  2. PRINCIPLE – (Ethics, Faith/Beliefs)
    • What underlying standards shape the way you function?
    • What system of faith or belief becomes your “go to” when you are hard pressed?
  3. PERSONALITY – (Character, “wiring”)
    • What kind of person do you tend to be?
    • What kinds of people or situations do you naturally gravitate to or run from?

It would benefit you to consider your own Passion, Principle & Personality. How would you identify them? Being more certain of these will enable you to better know yourself. It may take some help from someone else you trust who can be objectively helpful. Of course, your own prayer before God is most essential as you seek to gain deeper insight. Consider it preparation for a “Life interview!”

What Do You Bring To the Table? 

I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.
Psalm 139:14 ESV