“Tomorrow will be better” But now it is Today, so live in it! What was once waited for, is now truly here. Why miss Today by already living for Tomorrow? One day, tomorrow won’t come. God only knows. 

All you really have is Today So much of Today is lived with endless missed moments; heart and mind already ahead over the next mountain, over the horizon, with anticipation and expectation of what will come Tomorrow!

Dawn The sun rises from its sleep. The Day breaks, and with it awakens the siren call of the Many & Much. So much to do, so little time before It sets. Better get going. But the Moment? It lingers, and is soon lost, as is the glistening dew of morning with the day’s breeze. It presents then passes. Why?

“There is no time to waste” Yet, is that not what we actually do—waste it? In haste of want and desired accomplishment, the Moment is instantly erased, permanently deleted, and forever gone. How can Hope ever be realized?

Striving must become serenity Impatience must become peace. DO must become BE. Restlessness must rest in Him. Perfect. But How? 3 Actions:

  • Stop
    • Physical Doing
    • Mental Working
  • Sense
    • Eyes see
    • Ears hear
    • Nose smells
    • Tongue tastes
    • Skin feels
  • Savor
    • Heart treasures
    • Spirit measures

To become perfect is to mature Scripture says “Let patience have her perfect work, that you become perfect and endure wanting nothing.” (James 1:4) To become perfect is to become mature; perfect not just in some things but in all things.

Only the good Shepherd can do this for you To paraphrase Psalm 23 The Lord is MY shepherd. I shall not be in want of a thing, because I am made to lie down in green pastures, having been led by still waters. My very soul is restored. Thus with Him, you mature in the moment given you, as your soul is restored. Hope desired is Hope given, and actually realized.

The pace of Today driving in you must yield to the peace of the Moment It is not easy, yet necessary if you are to live the Life that remains for you. Can you?

Today is yesterday’s Hope Each moment must be intentionally engaged. Hope desired is Hope given, and actually realized, when it is with Him. Know that the Lord waits for you to join Him in it. While you are still able, Will you?

What moment is there for you to engage, while it is still called Today?

“Therefore, do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself… ”
Matthew 6:34a