Sure you are! (Unless you are one who is not, which I address in another blog).

Upset is a complete understatement when the whole world seems turned up side down, not to mention your own world. Indeed, Life as you’ve known it up to a short time ago, is not the same, nor likely to return to Kansas & Aunt Em or “the way it was.” Health and wealth of any kind is threatened. Business are closed. Jobs and lives are being lost by the day. Medical insurance is uncertain. Retirement security has slipped away. Political leadership and sources of information are very much in question. Simple distractions, easy pleasures, are currently difficult to obtain. Who or what do you trust anymore? It’s upsetting!

So, behind a mask, you hunker down in isolation where no one can see you, upset. Beyond that you also may be silently grieving what you have already lost, quietly fearful of the unknown, wondering what in the world is next.

How shall we sing the Lord’s song in a foreign land? (Psalm 137:4 – ESV) Such is the cry from a People in captivity long ago in the Scriptures, exiled from Life and Land as they had known it. Everything for them had been turned upside down. They too where severely affected and grieved. To say that we ourselves upset would be a serious insult to their condition! Still, as a People of faith, they persevered and survived, yet they did so only by the grace of God.

In your state of upset and lament what would be good to do? A few thoughts come to mind as one who’s world also has been turned upside down:

  • Look to the One who is always up, from where your help comes (Ps. 121)
  • Express your deepest, heartfelt, feelings to the Lord (Ps. 61:1-2)
  • Rehearse in your mind what you know to be true and is unchanging (Ro. 8:38-39)
  • Take everything to God in prayer (Php. 4:6)
  • Consider all the possible options before you, then rule-in or rule-out (Prov. 3:5-6)
  • Start a growing list of all that you still have, for which you are blessed (1Th. 5:18)
  • Sing anyway, that your mourning may turn into dancing (Ps. 30)

These are only my thoughts. Your ideas may be different. Just know that I am not promoting being like Gene Kelley, umbrella in hand, dexterously dancing out “I’m Singin’ In the Rain” while getting soaking wet. Rather, we may truly feel more like those trying to sing the Lord’s song and dance in a foreign land, understandably upset. I am.

However, let’s remember what we still have! We have Hope way beyond this world and the beckoning grave. However, this is no “Pie in the sky” sentiment. It is rock solid faith and belief in Jesus Christ. Our God reigns, and “even if all Hell breaks loose” its gates will not hold up against His Kingdom advance! No matter what. Do you believe that?

Yes, I’m upset! But I’m also very much still in Hope. Still… No matter what!

We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure.
Hebrews 6:19a (NIV)