Creating a Culture of Mentoring & Discipleship In the Church

  • You are invited on Saturday, September 24th 8:30-1:00pm ($25 – lunch included) to a half-day workshop at Church of the Holy Spirit 1047 Congress Street, Portland ME (
    which will address:
    – What Is Mentoring and Why Do We Need Mentors?
    – What Does Mentorship Have To Do With Discipleship?
    – What Would It Take For You To Become a Mentor?
    Deadline for registration is Wednesday, September 21st.

Register by contacting Ric Ochsner, Executive Director of MAST Mentorship, (207-831-3183).

We live in a culture of information overload, instantly accessed and continually changing. But we often lack wise application of it to our daily lives! Why? We may have many “friends” with opinions on Facebook, but we lack deep relationships with those who are skilled or wise in years.
Wisdom comes through a process of learning over time. Such wisdom is then shared, or passed on, through intentional relationships; relationships of one more experienced with one less experienced. Then, with maturation, comes the opportunity for replication of that special relationship in order to pass such wisdom and life-skills on to another.
The need today is the same as it always has been – for mentors and teachers to provide mentoring and discipleship to those who want to grow in faith and be empowered to rightly live it out, so they make reach their God-given potential and purpose in life.
But, who will answer this call to “become” and to “make” – become a disciple/mentor and to make disciples/mentors? God’s call is on You, on Us his people, to increasingly become A Culture of Mentoring and Discipleship.


The Mission of MAST Mentorship is to equip and engage a growing number of seasoned ministry leaders for intentional mentoring relationships with other less experienced persons in ministry, so they will be enabled to stay the course and finish well.